netBlazr provides affordable, high-speed
internet to residences and businesses
as an alternative to the "big guys" that
force people into high-cost service
bundles that they don't want

  • Carbonite
  • CSTO
  • BostonLogic
  • Tent City
  • Taxi Magic
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Principle Pictures
  • Bridgespan
  • Wordstream
  • Slade Gorton
  • Cheeseboy
  • Prosper-IT

Better Business Broadband

netBlazr offers many businesses broadband: from simple and affordable SoHo solutions to fiber optic circuits with speeds up to 1 Gbps or beyond, netBlazr is your business broadband expert.

Secure Connection

netBlazr employs WPA2 256-bit CCMP (AES) encryption on all wireless links and encrypted end-to-end VPN tunnels available for Business users. Secure protocols are used for all network infrastructure.

Residential Internet Service

Tired of those high-cost service bundles from Comcast & Verizon? netBlazr offers home users Just Broadband for Just $39.95/mo. NO contracts, NO termination fees, NO escalating teaser rates. netBlazr provides nothing but net!