10 Reasons to Sign Up for netBlazr Concierge Service

  1. It’s the only installation you can squeeze in between your 8am yoga class and 10am brunch. Our techs make it quick and easy to be all set with your netBlazr connection and won’t leave you waiting for four or more hours wondering where they even are.
  2. With the new Apple TV and rose gold iPhone 6s Plus you were gifted this holiday season, it’s not like you’ve been using cable or your landline anyway. You really only need Internet!
  3. We’re the guys at the neon green table in the lobby who served you wine and cheese the other night when you got back from work. You’re welcome 🙂
  4. On the off chance your Internet does start faltering a little, just send us a tweet @netBlazr describing your problem and we’ll start looking into it immediately and send someone over to fix it if need be as soon as possible.
  5. You need something cool to make a Facebook status about and what’s cooler than signing up for a new Internet service provider that’s local to Boston, super fast, and extremely reliable?
  6. If you need to call us at (617) 718-5500 with a question about your service, you’ll reach a real live human – a real live human that can actually provide you with information in a timely fashion instead of forcing you to endure a half hour of horribly scratchy hold music.
  7. We’re a no-contract service with zero fees. If you do get tired of us (we hope you don’t) or need to cancel for any other reason, you won’t be hit with a ridiculous cancellation fee.
  8. When you’re getting up to 300 mbps with netBlazr, you will never have to wait too long for a movie to load. Which means you can’t do the old ‘let movie start loading then go finish everything you’ve been procrastinating’ move, but maybe you’ll develop better habits.
  9. We’re the only 5-star rated Boston ISP on Yelp, so if you’re the 5-star restaurant kind of guy or girl, then we’re the Internet service for you.
  10. We try to be as helpful and friendly as your building’s own concierge. We want you to have the smoothest Internet experience possible and our small but driven team in Boston are happy to help with any issues or questions you may have.


Yna Aggabao | Marketing Intern