$8.6B on Telecom Ads, Really?

Can you believe it?  The telecom industry spent over $8.6 billion in advertising last year — and that was down 6% from the year before (Kantara Media report).   AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast were in the top 5 of ALL advertisers nationwide just behind the perennial champion, Proctor & Gamble.  It’s no wonder these monopolists have to charge so much for their services despite being in relatively mature industries.

netBlazr certainly cannot compete with those Goliath ad spends.  Instead we’ll focus on building a great network and providing responsive, intelligent, and honest support that only a locally owned business can.  We’ll continue to depend on our loyal customers (check out Yelp) to tell their friends and colleagues about netBlazr’s affordable alternative to the “big guys” who force people into high-cost service bundles that they don’t want.  Word of mouth certainly doesn’t cost a lot, but every advertising executive knows it’s the single most effective marketing technique.

If you have any suggestions on how netBlazr can spread the word in Boston, please contact us!