Access Point at Slade Gorton Brings Broadband to Newmarket

Slade Gorton has connected to netBlazr and is helping serve the Newmarket Business Community with fast and affordable broadband. They added a secondary broadband connection, greatly increasing their reliability and bandwidth. Slade Gorton, along with most Newmarket District Businesses, were previously limited to sluggish DSL or expensive T1 connections. With netBlazr’s investment at the Slade Gorton, these businesses now have access to real broadband with speeds up to 45 Mbps.  The Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program will be taking advantage of netBlazr’s high-speed connection next. netBlazr is now reaching out to the nearly 200 Newmarket Businesses to help them increase their network speed and reliability.

Headquartered in Boston, Slade Gorton is one of America’s largest importers, distributors and manufacturers of fresh, frozen and premium value-added seafood products. Founded in 1928, they are a multi-generational family business committed to feeding America with wholesome, nutritious and sustainable foods. netBlazr has become part of their effort to drive inefficiency out of the supply chain, lower cost and “keep the dollars off the fish”.

For more information about Newmarket Business Community broadband opportunities contact netBlazr at (617) 606-3448 or check out their site at