Air Fiber vs All-Comers!

Here at netBlazr, we like to get a lot of use out of the word “innovative”. My manager likes to tell me it’s a buzzword, and he may be right, but how else would you describe the way in which we used Fixed Wireless solutions to provide a high speed alternative to cable giants like Comcast or Fiber providers like Verizon?

Millimeter wave technology, AirFiber, Microwave radio, whatever you want to call it, has been netBlazr’s way of disrupting cable’s control of internet service in Boston for a decade now. Across the country, we see more and more businesses turning to these types of internet providers every day, which begs the question: what makes Fixed Wireless a better alternative to fiber or traditional cable providers?

No diminished speeds

Yes, it’s air fiber, not grounded fiber. Does that make a difference speed-wise? Not a jot. netBlazr is already providing speeds ranging from 10 – 1000 Mbps to many buildings around the city, and guaranteeing a multitude of differing bandwidths at all of them. 


We’ve got even more capacity too, as our post on how the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine affected our network usage showed. So no need to worry about Fixed Wireless affecting your internet speed: we’ve got you covered, and we’ve got all the premium speed you could ever need.

The most consistent, and reliable service around

You’re about to upload the huge summer presentation, and then it happens: your internet goes dark. You call your fiber company, and they tell you they have a problem with some of their wiring, and it could be a while before your connectivity is restored. Damage to wires is a real problem that causes internet outages every year. Hell, we saw that just this year when the explosions at MGH caused disruption to a local fiber provider for over 3 days!

Why wait to get back online? At netBlazr, we’ve built out a dense mesh network that allows us to provide redundancy to all clients. That means that in the unlikely event that your building’s primary link is unable to provide the necessary bandwidth, your connection is automatically transferred over to your backup link. You may not notice the transition, even if you’re on a video call, but this gives netBlazr engineers crucial time to mend your backup link without you having to twiddle your thumbs.

Latency is lower with no wire to traverse

Latency is important for everyone’s internet connection, but it’s crucial for businesses. Are you running cloud storage systems that need constant uptime, or perhaps a VOIP phone system? You’re going to need a connection with low latency in order to get the most out of those services, and ensure that your employees won’t have any issues that could impact their productivity.

When it comes to low latency, grounded fiber providers just can’t keep up. It’s basic science: light travels faster through 

air than glass. Due to grounded fiber needing data to pass through a wire, and air fiber passing data through… the air, data passing through grounded fiber will take longer to travel. The reality is plain: grounded fiber is simply not as good as Air Fiber at providing users with low latency. 

To prove our point, netBlazr regularly reports loaded Ping times of <5ms, over 10 times faster than many cable and fiber providers. What’s more, businesses all the way up some of the largest in the world are starting to take notice. Check out this great feature about how high-frequency traders are in fact using fixed wireless internet service in preference to fiber in order to shave milliseconds off their latencies, and thus complete more trades. 


Speed of deployment and maintenance

Hundreds of thousands of miles of wiring exists below every major city in the US in 2020. It’s easy to understand then why many think it’s easy to get new fiber or cable internet service. Those wires are all going from point A to point B though, meaning that new additions to a network could involve a large amount of work on the part of the cable provider, and a steep cost for a slow installation on your end. 


Not so with netBlazr, or any Fixed Wireless provider. Our mesh network encompasses huge swathes of Boston, meaning that in those neighborhoods: very few buildings are off limits for service. If we have a line of sight to your building’s roof, your building is eligible for netBlazr service, and we can start your installation at your earliest convenience. What’s more, installation can be completed quickly, getting you online quicker, and getting those crucial installation costs down ever further.


Ready to get started and be on the cutting edge of internet service? Call us today on 617.718.5500×2, or email [email protected] for a speedy response.