Battery Backup Installed for Hancock Tower Head End

Within the past three months, the Back Bay and South End areas have seen multiple power outages, that have cost companies thousands of dollars.  Without power, most companies are left paralyzed because of how heavily they rely on computers and internet connection.  A majority of companies that were directly affected by the power outages reported they had no internet connection because Internet providers like Comcast and Verizon don’t always have a backup power source.  After seeing the damage the outages caused, netBlazr felt it was necessary to back up their Hancock Tower head end, which provides internet service to numerous Back Bay and South End companies.  netBlazr has placed four Lead Acid AGM batteries in the Hancock Tower and these provide around 12 hours of backup.  netBlazr has already tested this upgrade and was still able to provide a solid internet connection even with a power outage.