Brough Turner Speaking on NPR’s “Marketplace Today” About NSA Surveillance

“Stop the bulk collection of not just phone data but internet data.” That’s the advice our CTO, Brough Turner, had for President Obama as he prepares to deliver his annual State of the Union Address. Speaking on NPR’s “Marketplace Today,” Brough raised concerns about NSA surveillance program and the chilling effect it is having on US economic competitiveness; especially for US tech companies overseas.  “I was in Germany in October, and it was pretty clear that American services are completely suspicious and American products are somewhat suspicious. That was three months ago. At this point, the situation is much more negative.”  A serial entrepreneur and industry veteran of the telecommunication industry, Brough worries of the long-term ramifications of the NSA actions for smaller companies.  It’s difficult for consumers to avoid large companies such as Google and Amazon. Smaller companies often exist in markets where there is fierce competition.  A lack of trust among foreign consumers and businesses would handicap these companies and ultimately, harm America’s overall economic competitiveness.

As a small technology company, we share Brough’s concerns. netBlazr is dedicated to providing its customers with secure and affordable internet; the NSA’s electronic surveillance efforts directly undermines this mission. We hope that the President will take the necessary steps to protect and support America’s innovation and competitiveness at home and abroad.