Common Causes for Internet Outages

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons you may find yourself sitting behind a computer screen, unable to load a webpage or send an email…

Failed link to internet provider: A failed link can be from a storm that causes power outages or construction/ animals that disrupt wiring.  With so many unexpected risks for your internet, it’s important to have a secondary internet provider in case yours temporarily goes down.

Congestion: An overload of people, all trying to access the internet from the same network is the most common cause of internet outages.  You may have faced this type of problem in either a library or crowded office and the root cause for this is the circuit gridlocks, causing webpages not to load.

Failing switches/ routers: Using faulty equipment guarantees that your internet will fail sometime in the near future.  Power fluctuations can also cause a problem, as they often “confuse” switches and routers.  If you are constantly rebooting your internet, then failing switches and routers could be the problem you are facing.

Outage with a “backbone” internet Network: Most internet service providers have thousands of “backbone” networks all around the country, which means if the backbone network in your area goes down, so will your internet.