Cord Cutting Facebook Live Event

With the colder weather coming, TV binge-watching season is upon us. That raises the question: What service will you get your TV fix? Add to that the question: Will this be the season you cut the cord on cable service? We’re here to help you make an educated decision to the question of cutting the cord on cable and bundled services, and maybe save you a little money – which at this time of year, couldn’t hurt.

On Tuesday November 21st at 2pm, join Sinead Mc Donagh and Yna Aggabao of netBlazr’s marketing team to chat about cord cutting! We’ll be talking about what it is, how you can do it, and what benefits you’ll get out of leaving behind cable and switching to netBlazr. Send in your questions about cord cutting in the comments of the livestream or on the Facebook event page. If you aren’t available to watch the Facebook Live event, the video will be available on for future reference!

Already cut the cord? If you’ve already cut the cord and/or recently switched to netBlazr’s blazing fast Internet service, we intend to help you figure out how to get your TV fix. Join us on our Facebook Live event if you have any questions regarding maximizing your streaming experience and to learn more about netBlazr Internet’s streaming capabilities. Make sure to RSVP to the event so that you’ll get notified when the Facebook Live starts!

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