Cord Cutting Isn’t Scary

We’re big fans of cord cutting and most people at our company watch TV solely online, so we have some thoughts about this Huffington Post article.

Here are our responses to the five points they make trying to scare you away from ditching your unnecessarily expensive cable bill.

1) Live streaming shows shouldn’t have any more noticeable buffering issues than normal streaming shows, but you can choose an higher speed Internet plan like netBlazr Concierge¬†with its 300Mbps+ upload and download if you want to be absolutely sure that live programs can stream smoothly in your household.

2) The point of cord cutting is to cut back on the hundreds of channels you never watched, so don’t expect to have a catalog of 800 channels – just choose a streaming program that works for your TV watching preferences.

3) Streaming services are starting to get more and more access to streaming rights. Cord cutting is disruptive – the more people that do it, the more likely options for things like will grow within it. Make sure you choose the streaming plans that allow you to watch the sports events you most want to watch and be patient as the industry grows!

4) If you have “subpar” Internet, it’s understandable that you would shy away from cord cutting. With netBlazr, you’re guaranteed to have speeds fast enough to stream shows and movies without overloading your Internet connection – even if you are on the netBlazr Standard Plan at 15 Mbps.

5) Fighting your cable company will be half the battle – but we’ve heard ‘dream come true’ stories from netBlazr customers who are now cord cutters. Some people who had been paying $300 and up a month for cable and Internet have now been able to cut it down to less than $100 for their netBlazr bill plus a handful of streaming services. We promise the savings will be worth the last little headache from your cable company.

Have any more questions about cord cutting? Check out the rest of the cable cutting tag on our blog or email [email protected] with any questions you have! Did this post convince you to check out netBlazr’s Internet-only service and try out cord cutting? Visit and we’ll get back to you and let you know if we can provide service to your building.