Cord Cutting vs “The Bundle”

In today’s day and age, families, singles, and business owners are making the decision to “cut-the-cord.” Cutting your costs, escaping internet service provider monopolies, and taking advantage of premium features, are all great reasons to ditch those bloated cable bundles.

Personally, my family cut the cord a few years ago. We chose to purchase an internet package, invest in a streaming media device, and subscribe to the streaming platforms that we wanted and fit within our budget. Since then I have learned a few things on making the best decisions for what you need in your self-curated bundle of streaming services based on affordability and enjoyment.

From my personal experience, and with a little extra research, I thought this would be a great time to make a list of curated cord cutting “packages” for all types of consumers, while comparing them to some of the most popular cable bundles out there. 


Cord Cutting “Package” #1

The “thrifter” option is best for single or couple households who are looking for access to some shows and solid internet speeds.This plan guarantees reliable internet across multiple devices accompanied by a decent amount of streaming content, so no stressing, you’ll always have access to the latest episodes of Black Mirror

Accompanying Streaming Device: my recommendation would be a Roku Express Media Player, at the cost of $29.99, this device gives you access to loads of streaming apps and allows you to have the freedom to jump between app subscriptions.


Cord Cutting “Package” #2

“For the family” is a perfectly curated plan in order to ensure that parents, teenagers, and children will have access to the speeds they need and an array of content offered by streaming services. Your family will have access to thousands of shows and movies assuring each person will be able to watch something fit for them, along with top speeds guaranteed to slow down no one’s connection in the house. 

Accompanying Streaming Device: would be a Google Chromecast, at the cost of $35.99, this device allows you to control the content on your television and project video from your smartphone meaning no more frantic searches for the remote!


Cord Cutting “Package” #3

Our luxury plan is for those who need all the content options of a premium cable bundle and, yes, still cut your costs. By paying for a netBlazr Concierge Internet annual subscription you will receive top internet speeds, allowing you access to limitless possibilities, the luxury buyer can purchase any and all streaming service subscriptions they desire. But per my research I believe the best way to receive your demanded quality is to subscribe to Hulu + Live TV. This gives you access to live programming plus thousands of television shows and films. If this isn’t enough, think about picking up complimentary On-Demand services such as Disney+, YouTube TV, Netflix, HBO Max, etc. 

Accompanying Streaming Device: A smart TV. There are an array of sizes and quality but each of them give you access to all the top streaming services available. For recommendations, check out this list from the Wirecutter.


Still want more information for the “cutting-the-cord” package perfect for you? A netBlazr representative would be happy to discuss your wants and needs to help tailor a selection of the best services for you. 

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