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Cord Cutting

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netBlazr is a locally-owned Internet service provider in Boston that offers “nothing but net,” an Internet connection that is reliable and affordable with nothing else - not even TV or phone.

Most people who sign up for netBlazr do so because they want to be rid of the high cost and headaches of paying for cable bundles. Of course, they do still want to watch TV, so they effectively become cord cutters. Below you'll find out more about cord cutting and how that translates into watching TV with just an Internet connection - we've also listed information to help you replace your home phone with VOIP if you're getting rid of a landline associated with your old cable/TV subscription.

What Is Cord Cutting?

Cord cutting or being a cord cutter means you watch TV without cable and just use your Internet connection. This is done using streaming services and streaming devices that you can pick and choose through depending on what kind of TV content you like and need in your life. Depending on what shows you watch most frequently and whether you need live TV or other features, you can pick a combination that will be sure to save you money compared to what you were paying for cable. The allure of cord cutting is that you're not paying for hundreds of channels that you don't need - only the content you're actually going to watch.

See the options we recommend below for streaming services and devices along with all their pricing options. For some services, all you'll need is a computer and your netBlazr Internet connection, but you may need certain devices if you want to watch on a television or prefer a service that requires a certain device.

Another aspect of cord cutting is replacing your home phone. Many people now opt to use their mobile phone as their main phone line, but if you would still like to retain a phone option for your home, you can use VOIPVOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, essentially making calls over your internet connection rather than your copper phone wires. VOIP systems can run through desktop phones or apps on your computer/mobile device. Most will require that you plug a device into your router. These devices are sometimes free and sometimes they cost money - some providers will also sell devices. With most VOIP systems, you will need to purchase a desktop phone from Target/Best Buy etc. A huge benefit of VOIP systems over traditional phones is that VOIPs can call long distance internationally much cheaper, for varying rates as low as a 1/2 cent a minute. Most systems have call forwarding, so if you don’t pick up your home phone, the call will be forwarded through to your mobile phones.

You'll find a list of home phone replacement (VOIP) options below the cable TV replacement options. We'll be keeping all lists on this page as up to date as we can, and you're also welcome to call or email us if you'd like our advice on creating your own perfect phone and cable replacement package.

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