Do You Really Need a 300 Mbps Broadband Connection?

With the growing popularity of streaming TV shows and movies from Netflix and Hulu, it is no wonder why the demand for higher internet speeds continues to grow.  Verizon has just introduced its new 300 Mbps broadband tier which would be sent through a fiber connection.  The real question is, Does anyone even need close to speeds that fast? Or is that super fast speed just being used as a marketing tool?  The majority of Americans receive around 10 Mbps and only a fraction of that is even needed to do everyday things, such as browse the web and stream video.

The high speeds will not come cheap, costing the consumer $210/month.  This pricey structure is based off Comcast’s high speed internet package they released in 2008, which gave 50 Mbps for $150/month.  The one good aspect of the 300 Mbps tier is that it is not part of a bundle, which is something Comcast and Verizon are notorious for doing.

Companies are continually releasing higher internet speed packages because consumers are relying on their internet more heavily with the amount of streaming videos, online gaming and devices that are being used today.  But after all, we live in a society where people always want the fastest, strongest, biggest and coolest items available, so it is no surprise Verizon expects there to be growing demand for the 300 Mbps broadband connection.