What can I do to speed up a slow connection?

If your internet is running slowly, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to alleviate or repair the symptoms:

Please unplug the power cord from router.

Once unplugged, check the Ethernet cable that leads from your ethernet outlet on your wall, to the back of your Router. This is the ethernet that brings the signal to the router.

After checking the Ethernet cable, plug the router back in, and wait one (1) full minute.

To test your speeds, you can visit www.speedtest.net

If you are still experiencing slow speeds, try bypassing the router by plugging your computer directly into the wall plate. This can be done by locating the ethernet cord that connects the router, which looks like a thick telephone cable. Unplug one end of this cable from the router, and plug it into your computer instead.

Once you have bypassed the router, wait one full minute, and run a speed test at www.speedtest.net This will show how fast your internet speed is running through the wall plate.

If your speeds improve after bypassing the router, it is the router that may be causing the speed issues. If your speeds continue to suffer after having bypassed the router, please call our technical support line 617-718-5500 x3.