Dos and Don’ts of Asking Landlord for Roof Access

netBlazr utilizes a small dish antenna mounted on the roof to connect to our high-speed network. It is important to receive a building’s owner or manager’s permission before doing-so. We are happy to reach out for you, but have found it is better coming from the tenant themselves.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts of asking your manager for permission.


Explain our service and ask politely


Offer to walk his/her dog

Supply him/her with our contact info

Send flowers with a note

Describe why you would like our service

Write a letter sprayed with lovely perfume

Follow up again if they do not get back to you

Ask an interested neighbor to call also

Write an e-mail with a funny GIF attached

Send assortment of sugar cookies with netBlazr logo




Call at 3:45 am

Scream “I want it, I want it, I want it!”

Ask when you are late on rent

Stomp your feet

Ask in your birthday suit (or maybe, do?)

Write your letter in invisible ink

Try to spell out using alphabet soup

Ask directly after leaving the gym


netBlazr service is a valuable addition for any building. Landlords are happy to learn of a new broadband choice for their tenants. Keeping the building up to date with current technologies adds real value for tenants, and thus the owners. For more information about netBlazr broadband Internet in Boston check out or call 617.606.3448


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