The FCC Voted to End Net Neutrality, But the Fight’s Not Over Yet

On December 14, 2017, the FCC voted 3-2 to end net neutrality and dismantle critical regulations that protect equal access to the internet. (Note: FCC commissioners Clyburn and Rosenworcel voted to keep net neutrality.)

netBlazr has always been a vocal advocate for net neutrality and we are committed to this position, now, more than ever.

In our last statement, we provided you with information on opportunities to make your voices heard. It is important that we all continue speaking out.  Many lawmakers and attorneys general, including Maura Healey of Massachusetts and Senator Ed Markey, have promised to keep working to reinstate net neutrality.  

Until this happens, how will this new reality affect you? While you may not see big changes to your internet service right away, large ISPs may alter their service over time. We’re already seeing changes to stated policies, including a “language change” from Comcast which includes deleting the promise of no paid prioritization. That quiet policy change that Comcast made weeks before the FCC repeal of Net Neutrality, speaks significantly louder than any PR statements they make around caring about consumers. Paid prioritization is content discrimination by your ISP. It is bad for consumers and bad for innovation.

Here’s our promise: if you want to retain high-speed internet without any possibility of bottlenecks, you’ve come to the right place. One of the reasons we founded netBlazr is to ensure open access and lightning fast internet speed for all. We also truly care about your privacy. Recent FCC regulatory changes open the door to an erosion of consumer privacy too.

Please reach out to us with your questions and concerns by emailing us or messaging us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. netBlazr was founded by a group of tech entrepreneurs, frustrated by the games big internet companies play with their customers. We’ve got your back.  

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