George K to lead netBlazr development efforts

netBlazr is pleased to announce that George Kontopidis today joined the firm as SVP Engineering. 

George played a key role at Dialogic, bringing the company to the forefront of the mobile video technologies sector. Before that, George was instrumental to the growth, success and evolution of NMS Communications from its start-up phase through the peak of business in 2000, to the sale of its Platform Business. George has a PhD in ECE/Signal Processing and MS in CE/Automatic Control and a BS in EE/ME; he is a member of IEEE, ACM, and the MIT Enterprise Forum.

On joining the team, George shares, “there are few opportunities in life to drive a disruption to such a large scale as netBlazr envisions; playing with cool wireless networking technologies is the dream of many engineers; but more importantly, having the opportunity to shape the culture and values of netBlazr is impeccable.”