Giving birth to a Rack with a View

Reposted from George K’s blog:

After months of negotiations, Jim managed to lease space at the 61st floor of the John Hancock’s tower to install netBlazr’s antennas. While Brough was enjoying sunny Florida, George was driving to You-do-it Electronics to buy the missing screws to make “the rack”; and finally she was born: Dec 30th, 2012 at the 14th floor of One Marina Park Drive in South Boston, weighting 220 pounds (with the batteries); mother George and father Brough are doing fine. His first picture to the right.

His brain is fully wired – his mother actually did a good job connecting all cells together. Of course, the routing connections are missing — neither her father Brough nor her uncle Jason spent any time get with the newborn. Her first EEG was good and lights were blinking.


It only took two hours to move her from the birth room and to her permanent home: the 61st floor of John Hancock’s Tower. And now the fun begins: put her at the top of a crib made up with four cinder blocks. In this picture, she is sitting comfortably in her own space:


Unfortunately, his father forgot the bits and screws for the antennas – so Jim played the role of the taxi driver. Meanwhile, mother was enjoying the baby and had an opportunity to take a couple of nice pictures. Her room did not have any curtains – so she had full view to the outside; what a view! can you image this? at the top of the tallest building in Boston!  indeed, a Rack with a View

image image

After Jim and Brough came back, the dirty work started – mounting the antennas; lots of them. George did start the first mount climbing at the top of the 10’ ladder (61st floor + 10’ of the ladder, not daring to limageook down!). Did not do very well – broke 4 screws and left the first mount with only 3 supports. Jim was learning from George’s mistakes and took over the hammer drill and whispered:  drill baby, drill; and while Jim was drilling, the father (Brough) was supporting him. Here is a picture of them:


Jim and George were trading places mounting one antenna at a time – 12 of them! amazing enough,the team had a plan that father (Brough) had created:image

By 4:46pm, all mounts were installed, except the two missing screws that George snapped off. All of us were exhausted, full of dirt, thirsty but happy: she was a happy baby in her new home. The team drove back to One Marina Park Drive after a nice breeze of –6 degrees walking to the parking lot – all very happy.

The baby is still waiting from Cogent to get a New Year gift – she wants to be connected to the Internet!