Google Becoming a Broadband Provider?

Google has joined the competitive broadband provider industry with the release of Google Fiber.  By using gigabits, instead of megabits, Google will provide customers with Internet and tv services.  Starting in Kansas and Missouri, customers will experience “100 times faster than average broadband speeds.”  Similar to their competitors, Google will offer several service packages, ranging from only internet to both, Internet and tv.  The current tv lineup will include major channels, such as MTV, Nickelodeon, and BET.  However, major tv channels are missing, such as ESPN, HBO, and Disney Channel.  Unlike the local broadband providers, Google Fiber will most likely not have on call technicians on call to assist their customers.  In hopes of expanding their product access the country, consumers can pay a one time $300 construction fee for 7 years of free internet access.  As good as Google Fiber sounds, they still have the same type of bundles that Comcast has, which is nothing for the consumer to get excited about.


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  1. Google is doing much more than that. They are rethinking the business model by approaching it horizontally and driving marginal cost down @ every layer and boundary point. Their pricing then reflects marginal cost. Finally, they pave the way, down the road, for third party subsidization of access. It will be an 800/VPN/advertising future.

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