Grim News for America’s Largest ISPs

The latest review from the American Customer Satisfaction Index shows America’s ISPs have now sunken to the lowest customer rating of any other industry. America’s largest ISPs are ranked worse than airlines, health insurance and gas companies. The survey details that customers are very unhappy with ISPs’ call center service, the variety of Internet plans, and quality of online video streaming. Given the lack of competition in most markets the ACSI also states “dissatisfied customers have a difficult time leaving their provider for an alternative supplier,”.

On the contrary,  netBlazr is Boston’s the highest rated ISP on Yelp! Many customers have switched due to the rising cost, unreliable connection, and the poor customer service of Comcast. From netBlazr’s Yelp reviews “Great Service! Great Price! If there is ever an issue (and the issue is usually user error) you can always get a REAL person on the phone.” Check out netBlazr’s reviews here. 

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