Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you’re getting off to a productive start this year – whether productive means getting more work done or getting more episodes watched in your TV binges.

We at netBlazr have a pretty simple new year’s resolution of providing better customer service and better Internet to more and more people in Boston. We hate seeing people struggle with their ridiculously complicated and overpriced bundle TV and web packages and hope to simplify the Internet experience for everyone with our symmetrical speeds and our unchanging monthly charges. We want to cater to all your Internet needs in 2016 whether you’re a business customer, a residential customer, a Concierge customer, or a property manager.

And of course – the new year’s resolution everyone is waiting for – we are striving to provide you all with a newer, prettier, updated website that will be exponentially more helpful than the current one for answering any of your questions about your netBlazr Internet service. This should be coming soon so watch out for a new website sometime in February (perhaps it’ll be our Valentine’s Day gift to you)!


Our team’s New Year’s Resolutions:

Jim Hanley

Resolution 1: finally rehab my hamstring so that I can try to run the marathon next year.

Resolution 2: get out for beers with my fellow netBlazr’ers more in 2016! Can we try to have a summer BBQ this year??

Resolution 3: build/hack a beer kegorator into the office fridge

Resolution 4: teach my daughter to juggle, and teach myself to juggle a 4th ball!

Perry Wasserbauer

I plan to stretch every morning and evening. Maybe even some yoga!

Colin Zwiebel

My news years resolution is to eat more vegetables!

Chris Webb

  1.  Walk more, drive less
  2.  Get my girlfriend a Corgi

Manny Gonzales

I will try to put as much effort as i can to grow my coding skills and soon build one of my app ideas!!

Yna Aggabao

  1. Talk to my younger siblings more
  2. Drink more water and less Diet Coke

What are your new year’s resolutions? Share them with us on Twitter @netBlazr and don’t forget to stop by our Facebook page (http://facebook.com/netblazr) and Yelp page (http://www.yelp.com/biz/netblazr-boston-3)!


Yna Aggabao | Marketing Intern