Here’s why your business internet needs netBlazr built in redundancy

Internet network reliability and redundancy are especially essential now more than ever with thousands of businesses operating remotely. It is important for you as a business owner or employee to ensure your connection is seamless. For more on how netBlazr provides unmatched reliable internet service, check out my latest blog post, ‘The Importance of Internet Reliability.’

netBlazr assures the highest quality connectivity for your business through the ways in which our service operates. There can be quite a few advantages with choosing a local ISP such as netBlazr and one of them is having rooftop service. Recently, a local Boston business with a fiber provider installed had our service as a backup. When construction interrupted their fiber service and stopped all connectivity, we were able to keep their internet up and running using our backup, redundant links. Even if your business has fiber it is always best to also have a wireless connection as it comes through the building from the roof. With a rapidly expanding city such as Boston, our rooftop microwave service is guaranteed not to be affected by construction.

With our mesh network, we are able to provide redundant links as a backup connection to every multi-tenant building we service. So even if there’s a power failure at your office, with netBlazr service your internet will not disconnect. 

Buildings that are downstream do not fail thanks to our routers and battery backups. These are UPS battery backups that are placed in telco closets to provide power to our radios even in the event of a power outage. Our routers automatically switch customers to their backup connection if their primary connection goes down, which means you may not even notice an outage. 

Furthermore, if your business is considering installing a backup connection, netBlazr’s most affordable plans are a perfect option. Right now is a critical time for reliable internet connection especially since countless businesses across the city are operating remotely.

Is it time to backup your business connectivity or ensure you have the best?

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