Here’s Why Your Business Needs Low Latency

Low latency is critical when running the biggest and smallest tasks of your company and ensuring everything runs smoothly. What is latency? It refers to the “round trip time of sending a packet out to a server or computer and then receiving the acknowledgment. The lower the latency on your internet connection, the quicker a website will respond.” More background on latency is covered in my last post, ‘What is Internet latency?

Oftentimes, it is easy to overlook the importance of having low latency especially when it comes to choosing a new internet provider. Most of the time customers just want to make sure they are getting “fast” internet speeds. It is easy to focus on the amount of Mbps your business’s internet is capable of but even easier to forget that low latency service is just as important. 

Why does your business need low latency?

Simply, if your internet suffers high latency, it can back up the major and minor functions of your business causing a productivity logjam you might not even notice. Here are a list of daily business performances that can be negatively affected by high latency:

    • Cloud Applications: Need to run a creative suite like Adobe’s with multiple users on the same account? With high latency, all connected users can experience trouble with access to the tools and documents they need.
    • Loading web pages: this can affect teaching in a classroom which heavily relies on technology or even telehealth applications that healthcare professionals depend on to reach their patients.
    • Conference/Video/VOIP calling: whether you are on a Zoom call with a fellow employee or live-streaming an all-hands meeting, high latency can cause delays, gaps in speech and video breakup.
  • More examples of latency’s effect on business can be found here

GeoLinks puts it best when it comes to low latency for businesses,“If not quickly resolved, all these items can culminate into a significant loss of company productivity, reputation, and revenue.” 

netBlazr purposely singles out latency as a priority when it comes to the service we provide. Instead of just promising the fastest speeds we also want our customers to understand we strive to deliver a top quality network in all avenues of internet service. We are here to help your business so you never have to worry about the potential delays high latency can cost. 

Are you ready to start receiving the low latency your business deserves? netBlazr is here to provide more information on how our service can improve your internet experience. 

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