How the Coronavirus pandemic affected our network usage

With countless Bostonians quarantining at home during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve never been more reliant on our home internet connections to keep us informed, entertained, and from crawling up the walls!

That’s led to some worries that ISPs would struggle to cope with increased demand. Indeed in Europe, Netflix and Youtube reduced their streaming video quality to ease the strain on ISPs.

We wanted to show you how netBlazr has you covered with a handy network graph. 



More Daily Traffic. Same Daily Peak.

The above graph shows that we have indeed seen increased demand in April vs February. This isn’t surprising. With more people working from home, customers are using our network more than ever. That said, greater demand is no problem at all for netBlazr.

This is because our engineering team designs the network to be able to handle the “peak” of daily demand. While daily demand is up, especially through usual working hours, the evening peak is much the same, and this is what we design our network to handle.

In short, we are seeing our customers use our network more than ever, but not enough to cause bandwidth issues.

What we do see in this data is proof of how important the internet is to our daily lives. The significant growth in internet usage during the day proves (at least to us) more than ever that the internet should always be treated as a utility. Not only is it essential to full participation in the global digital society of the 21st century, it provides a much-needed distraction in trying times.

So binge Netflix, chat to your whole college softball team at once on Zoom, or download that 150 GB Xbox game! Our network will be here ready for anything our amazing customers can throw at us.