KarmaLoop Brings netBlazr to Boylston & Arlington Streets

KarmaLoop, LLC, an online re-seller of name brand underground streetwear & fashion in Boston’s Back Bay, has connected to netBlazr’s high-speed broadband network.  Now other businesses in their neighborhood can join the internet cooperative at prices 90% below Verizon (or free for DSL speeds.)

“If it wasn’t for netBlazr we wouldn’t be able to provide reliable internet connectivity to our users.  Unfortunately, because of the building we are in we’re limited in our choices for bringing broadband into our office.  netBlazr provided us with an inexpensive solution that allowed us to augment our total amount of bandwidth and add redundancy to our system.  The installation was painless and because netBlazr’s transceivers are located indoors we don’t have to worry about inclement conditions like high winds bringing down our internet connection or reducing our signal quality.  Using netBlazr was a no brainer.  We’re committed to working with netBlazr in the future.” says Joe Finsterwald, CTO of KarmaLoop.

According to Jim Hanley, Co-founder of netBlazr, “Most businesses want more bandwidth, faster speeds, and greater reliability.  netBlazr is the most affordable way to accomplish this.”  IT managers can connect netBlazr to an existing firewall and load -share with other ISP’s thus increasing the total available bandwidth for their employees.  netBlazr is a perfect addition to any office network since the odds of independent ISP’s failing at the same time are very small, thus reliability is significantly higher than with a single provider.