Misleading Ads Catching up to ISPs

Broadband companies often use celebrity endorsement as a way to advertise their internet speeds and reliability.  The problem is, the ads often give the consumer false information that can be misleading.  An example of this is Virgin Media using Olympic star Usain Bolt to promote the high speed broadband and the “bye bye buffering” claim.  The company actually was forced to take a few of the ads down because they were simply not true.  Other companies like Verizon and Comcast have also faced the same type of negative attention, due to advertising speeds that were unreachable.  Potential customers often feel like they are being tricked when Comcast says they will provide 50 Mbps for a certain price and those speeds are never achieved.  In such a competitive market, ISPs are constantly thinking of new ways to promote their service, but misleading advertisements does not seem like the answer.