More FCC rules to burden ISPs

The FCC wants to extend their outage reporting requirements to include both VoIP companies and ISPs. In the past, only traditional voice telephony companies have been required to report service outages. Now, after a comment cycle that showed relatively little support for applying those rules to ISPs, the FCC appears to be barging ahead anyway. Stephen Coran has a good summary of the proposed rules here:

From netBlazr’s perspective, this would just be more utterly irrelevant overhead.

netBlazr seeks to help small and medium businesses obtain dual or triple sources of Internet connectivity so they can achieve reliability the way large companies do — by load sharing between two independent providers! At least so far, all of our customers are load sharing between a traditional (expensive) provider and netBlazr (their extremely low cost, even free, high bandwidth provider). From this perspective, new FCC rules merely stifle innovations like ours.

Luckily, we have so far had no service interruptions that would reportable under the proposed FCC guidelines.