netBlazr Cares About Your Privacy, Not Your Data!

Recent federal legislation eliminates FCC broadband protections and gives ISPs (Internet Service Providers) free rein to track consumer browsing behavior. ISPs can then sell that data to advertisers without consumer consent.

This new development will have no impact on netBlazr customers. We recently released a statement about this situation.

  1. netBlazr keeps only the absolute minimum data necessary for operations and compliance.
  2. netBlazr deletes older data as soon as possible.
  3. netBlazr does not share or sell private data.

We are required to track and keep data so we can reply to a subpoena. A court could issue a subpoena if someone were watching pirated movies, or engaging in other illegal activity. We hold data for a limited time, then delete it. Other Internet Service Providers keep data for longer periods because they sell the aggregated data to vendors, who keep it even longer.

netBlazr is not a data provider. We are not selling data. Our mission has always been providing our customers the fastest internet access available.