netBlazr Cooperative

netBlazr is radically changing how businesses access the internet in America.  Our co-op members install small WiFi radios near an office window and then turn over management of the node (radios & mini-router) to netBlazr.  We ensure that each member receives fast broadband service while supporting the rest of the community.  Each new member increases netBlazr’s performance and reliability while expanding our coverage into new neighborhoods.

By sharing the cost to build the network (purchasing a $299 node), our members reduce netBlazr’s cost to operate the network.  We then pass those savings onto our members with incredibly low broadband prices – free for most!  The netBlazr cooperative is built by small and mid-size businesses for the benefit of small and mid-size businesses.

netBlazr co-op members will expand our broadband service, window by window, throughout metropolitan areas across America.  The pace at which we grow is driven by our members and those want to join our community.  We will expand new head-ends into neighborhoods based on the expressed demand for our commodity internet service.  Join Now (no commitment) and let netBlazr free your broadband!