netBlazr Granted its First Patent

New delivery system has potential to revolutionize Internet delivery

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded netBlazr with its first patent, US #8,667,148, for a process that allows network nodes to auto-configure, allowing for a “one-click” sign-on process.  This patented process will be key in netBlazr’s efforts to develop several new products and service delivery concepts that we expect will revolutionize neighborhood networking and the delivery of Internet services in urban areas.

The patent explains how to auto-configure a network node that a consumer would buy and hang in their window, a technology currently in development.  The network node automatically identifies available networks for a user and allows the user to connect with “one-click”. Once a user chooses a network, the device updates its firmware and then configures itself to join the user’s chosen network.  This patent is crucial to creating self-organizing mesh networks in urban areas and providing consumers an alternative delivery method for high-speed Internet.

netBlazr provides affordable, high-speed Internet to Boston residences and businesses without hidden fees, contracts, or introductory rates.  Rated on Yelp as the only 5-star ISP in Boston, netBlazr is alternative to current monopolies that force people into high-cost service bundles that they don’t want.