netBlazr Mentioned in Wispapalooza 2014 Keynote Address

Wispapalooza, the largest annual broadband industry conference, was held in Las Vegas, NV this year from October 11th to the 17th. FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai gave the keynote address, talking about WISPs and how their innovation does more than provide people with internet access, but also changes lives. In his address he mentioned netBlazr saying:

“And these days, wireless Internet technology is bringing its promise to cities as well.  Take netBlazr, a WISP which operates under the tagline “Free your broadband.”  netBlazr offers a competitive alternative to traditional wireline service in cities like Boston, where many buildings have not yet been rewired or refitted for wired Internet.  netBlazr does this by bringing the concept of mesh networking to life—every customer is a node in the network, which relies on directional antennas to connect everyone.  That helps the company keep its costs down and offer dedicated broadband lines that compete with its larger competitors.”

The full transcript of Commissioner Pai’s address can be read here: