netBlazr Now Offers The South End Residential Broadband

netBlazr, a local Internet Service Provider headquartered in Boston is calling for an end to unwanted bundled packages.  In an effort to introduce much needed competition into the market, netBlazr is pleased to announce a “nothing but net” initiative, offering reliable broadband at a low cost that remains the same price every month.  The home and small office packages are available at $39.95/month for 15 Mbps and $69.95/month for 45 Mbps.

netBlazr is designed to give customers added flexibility in how they enjoy entertainment in an increasingly online age.  Companies like Netflix and Hulu are replacing cable and services like Skype and Google Voice are replacing the landlines.  netBlazr encourages customers to take advantage of these modern alternatives and bring their entertainment and communication costs down to a quarter of what Comcast charges for bundled packages many people don’t need.

netBlazr is a growing provider of affordable Internet in Boston.  Members connect to the netBlazr network wirelessly, through the installation of a small antenna on the customer’s roof.  netBlazr offers Internet speeds that are equal to or better than Comcast for a fraction of the cost, without hidden fees or requirements to purchase additional services or bundles.  netBlazr has no contracts and is currently available to residents and small businesses in select Boston neighborhoods, with plans to expand throughout the city in the coming months.