netBlazr Raises $325K Seed Round to Expand Free Broadband in Boston

netBlazr announced today that it has raised $275K and has another $50K committed to its efforts to expand its innovative free internet service to Boston businesses. With Carbonite (a netBlazr co-op member) Founder and CEO David Friend leading the round, netBlazr continues discussions with additional investors and angels interested in revolutionizing broadband in America.

“After bootstrapping our business for the first year, we’re eager to accelerate our growth in the Boston market,” states Jim Hanley, Co-founder and CEO.  “This capital will fund our expansion into 3 new areas of the city and provide the sales and marketing support to spread the good news of FREE internet service for businesses.”

netBlazr is the leading provider of co-primary broadband services. Our members connect to netBlazr by placing a state-of-the art mini-router and three small radios in their office windows to create a “node.”  Each node then creates short-range, point-to-point radio connections to other nodes and/or back to the neighborhood “head-end.” The cloud-based netBlazr platform manages all member nodes and head-ends to ensure each user receives the bandwidth they require while passing along the rest to other members.  This community built network lowers our costs while maintaining high reliability. Members can join netBlazr’s cooperative and receive DSL-speed broadband for free. Premium packages are available at 90% below traditional telco rates.