netBlazr Upgrades Head-end in Hancock Tower



netBlazr Upgrades Head-end in Hancock Tower,

Expanding Boston’s Most Affordable Alternative Broadband Service

netBlazr has upgraded its head-end at the Hancock Tower, which doubles its capacity to serve small and medium businesses in Boston’s Back Bay and South End. This will allow netBlazr to better serve additional members as they join the broadband cooperative and more aggressively promote its radical complement to the broadband duopoly that exists in Boston and other metropolitan areas. The head-end is located on the 61st floor of the Hancock Tower and allows netBlazr to effectively serve up to 100 members. Additional members will be served through the introduction of new head-ends within these neighborhoods.


netBlazr is also adding a second head-end near South Station and the Innovation District at the end of the first quarter. There are additional plans to set up another head-end on State Street in the second quarter, expanding netBlazr service to even more of Boston.


netBlazr is the leading provider of co-primary broadband services in the Boston area. Our members connect to netBlazr by placing a state-of-the art mini-router and three small radios in their office windows to create a “node.”  Each node then creates short-range, point-to-point radio connections to other nodes and/or back to the neighborhood “head-end.” The cloud-based netBlazr platform manages all member nodes and head-ends to ensure each user receives the bandwidth they require while passing along the rest to other members.  This community built network lowers our costs while maintaining high reliability. Members can join netBlazr’s cooperative and receive DSL-fast broadband for free. Premium packages are available at super-low monthly rates.