NextVault Partners with netBlazr

NextVault, a leading provider of online backup, recovery and archiving services, announced a partnership with netBlazr, the pioneer of the cooperative wireless broadband network, to provide the SMB market with additional bandwidth options to improve performance and reliability of their internet connections.

“Data protection is crucial for the SMB market,“ said Jim Hanley, Co-Founder and CEO of NetBlazr. These companies need to ensure they have the same quality data protection and recoverability available to them as the enterprises do.  Our partnership with NextVault will provide SMBs with quality data protection solutions that are sensitive to their needs and budget.”

SMBs are generally more at risk for data loss and service interruptions because they have limited resources available to focus on anything but the core business function.  NextVault removes that resource constraint by providing many data protection options that meet the needs and budgets of SMBs.  They also pay the most and get the least for their Internet service.  Even on the same city block, this “SMB premium” can approach 40x what a big company pays.  Correspondingly, many SMB’s can’t justify the added data circuit required to make their online operations truly reliable.  netBlazr changes that by offering a new way to deliver broadband to SMBs at a fraction of the current market rates.

“As companies become ever more reliant on the internet to do business, it is imperative that quickly deployable, cost effective internet bandwidth options are introduced to SMBs,” said Kevin Harris, President and CEO of NextVault.  “With netBlazr services available to them, we see SMBs having more opportunities to use cloud services where their current bandwidth may not have allowed.  We are excited to join with the netBlazr team in providing key solutions for SMBs.”