NSK Joins Forces with netBlazr

NSK Inc., a Boston-based IT consulting firm is now a channel partner with netBlazr Inc. netBlazr is an innovative new Internet Service Provider (ISP) with coverage in Downtown Boston. netBlazr uses next-generation directional radios to transmit broadband service directly to its customers’ via an office window. netBlazr’s radical business model enables it to deliver basic DSL or cable modem speeds for free and high-speed premium services for a small fraction of market rates.

According to Jim Hanley, Co-founder of netBlazr, “Most businesses want more bandwidth, faster speeds, and greater reliability. netBlazr is the most affordable way to add Internet bandwidth to your office network.” Clients who already use a major ISP can connect netBlazr to their existing firewall and delegate whether netBlazr will operate as a failover internet solution, or if it will supplement (load share) their primary ISP by increasing the total available bandwidth. Either way, netBlazr is a perfect addition to any internet configuration as the odds of two independent ISP’s failing at the same time is very small, ensuring a consistent connection to the internet.

As netBlazr’s connects more customers, the network itself expands broader and deeper into the city. Additionally the netBlazr network becomes more reliable with each new customer. “We are enthusiastic to work with NSK as their area of expertise is working with small and mid-sized businesses. We are the perfect compliment for one another as we serve the same market.”

The relationship between netBlazr and NSK Inc is two-fold. netBlazr benefits from NSK’s extensive knowledge base and connection to the SMB community in Boston, while NSK can add supplemental Internet bandwidth to their existing list of product offerings. Tim Lasonde, President of NSK Inc says “Partnering with netBlazr allows us to offer a great service to our existing customers while increasing internet redundancy at a reasonable price point. Internet access is crucial to all small businesses we support and we encourage customers to have a backup. netBlazr will complement our services perfectly.”

NSK Inc. is located at 75 Kneeland St. in Boston, MA.