Press Release: Boston's Power Outage

Lessons Learned from Back Bay/South End Power Outage

By last Friday, power was back throughout Boston’s Back Bay and South End.  Businesses were hard at work trying to make up for lost productivity.  The outage highlighted how dependent business and organizations are on quality Internet connectivity.  The cost of an outage is high.

The cost of lost productivity is great. Modern organizations rely on information being stored in the Cloud, fast speeds for uploading and downloading massive amounts of data, and a reliable connection for communicating in real-time. A prolonged Internet outage can shut down an entire business in minutes, resulting in lost business and dollars.

A well-known way to improve Internet reliability is to add an additional service provider.  But many businesses and organizations struggle with the cost of securing diverse access from traditional providers.  New companies are exploiting new technologies to meet the challenge and augment broadband/Internet connections.

netBlazr is leading the way by providing customers in the Back Bay and South End (and soon in the Financial District, Innovation District and South Station areas) an increase in the reliability and performance of their broadband Internet access. Network members connect via secure and state-of-the-art fixed wireless technology.  netBlazr offers free Business DSL or higher bandwidth packages for 90% less than Verizon.  Customers gain diversity in suppliers and users get an instant improvement in broadband speed.

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