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Streaming Devices

Streaming Sticks

Streaming can be launched through this device that connects via a USB stick which plugs into your television’s HDMI port. Streaming sticks offer all the best platforms and are usually operated by a remote and some even include app control compatible with iOS and Android.
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Streaming Boxes

Forget your outdated cable box, streaming boxes have taken over. This device connects to your television’s HDMI port which then broadcasts streaming via the box. This is a great option for streaming as it offers all your favorite services and can be controlled by a remote or mobile app.

Smart TV

The great thing about a smart TV is that it does not require any extra devices to stream. You have everything you need to stream your favorite services and channels.
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Streaming Your Favorites

On-demand streaming services have all the content you want with the
touch of a button. They offer a set collection of movie and TV titles
which are available to stream on multiple devices at all times.
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Live TV Streaming


Do you enjoy live sports, live news, maybe live singing competitions?

Live streaming services are perfect for watching a collection of movie and

TV titles but also having access to your favorite live television channels 24/7.

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