Break Free from Bundles

Bundle-free internet for your brownstone or townhouse.

Broadband for your home.

Delivered to you using innovative wireless technology.

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Your Friendly Neighborhood ISP

Boston Born and Bred. Highest Rated ISP. Bringing more choice to our hometown.

"I've been through Comcast and Verizon, and netBlazr leaves them all in the dust in terms of reliable internet speed and customer service. They have an AMAZING customer service, where if there's any problems, they respond immediately or within a day if the office is closed."

Angela C. 

"Every time I've called in, it's a been a zero-wait connection to a technical support staff who truly understands their systems and networking in general and gives me the answer I need right away. Exceptional."

- Aziz A. 

"I work from home, so I need a dedicated and reliable internet connection.  I never would be able to do the work I do without Netblazr! Great customer service, great speed at a great price."

- Amanda N. 

"I would say that you owe it to yourself to take a look at NetBlazr if you're in their coverage area, particularly if you're just looking for an inexpensive ISP without having to deal with asinine cable and phone bundling."

- Rick B. 

Simple Pricing

No contracts. No hidden fees. No "special" rates.

Standard Service


per month

Symmetrical speeds of 10-15 Mbps 

Unbundled Broadband

Local Customer Support

No termination fees

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Affordable broadband in 2 easy steps:

Site Survey

Our technician will conduct a no-cost survey to confirm that we can provide service at your location


Once our technician has confirmed line-of-sight to our network, we will install our radio on the roof level and run an ethernet cable to your home. Installation typically takes 2-3 hours and costs $199.


Our Installations

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Privacy Policy 

netBlazr will never share or sell private customer data. 
netBlazr only keeps the the minimum data necessary.
netBlazr deletes older data as soon as possible.

Answers to our most common questions.

Where do I install my netBlazr radios?

Because netBlazr uses “line of sight” radio connections, radios are typically mounted on the roof to ensure optimal reliability and performance. They can be mounted to a non-penetrating roof mount or an existing structure on your roof (chimney, vent stack, HVAC structure, deck, rail, etc.).

Are you going to drill into the roof?

Absolutely not. We mount our radios to existing structures such as a chimney or pipe or use a non-penetrating roof mount. 

What are the dimensions of your radios?

The most common radios are 13” or 16” diameter dishes.  Antennas weigh less than 2 lbs.

Will the weather affect my connection?

Your connection will not be affected by the weather.