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Boston's Highest Rated internet now super-charged for your residence. Available in select buildings.

Super Fast Internet

Less time buffering and more video chatting, uploading family videos, and playing your favorite online games.


Your Friendly Neighborhood ISP

Boston Born and Bred, bringing more choice to our hometown.

This internet service changed my life! For real. I run a home office and the speeds allow me to work on the weekend when the family is home. No more bogging down my upload speeds while the kids game and stream movies. No hidden fees and 300+ mbps. LOVE THEM!


What I love about netBlazr is that they're a small company, which means lots of direct communication and great customer service.


The speeds they advertise are the ones they deliver on. I keep a log of my internet speed hourly, and the speed almost never deviates from the 300mbps they promise. 


Fair Pricing

No contracts. No hidden fees. No yearly rates hikes.

Free Installation

Symmetrical Speeds
No Termination Fees
No Annual Rate Hikes

Concierge Service

300, 500, or 1000 Mbps based on Building









$600 Payment

2 Months Free

Standard Service





30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Supporters of Net Neutrality Since 2010

We've been big fans of the open internet since our beginning. That means no filtering, no throttling, and no traffic prioritization. Just the way the internet should be. Learn more:

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Answers to our most common questions.

What speeds will I see with my service?

Buildings with modern Cat5e wiring will see speeds of 300 and above. Buildings with older wiring will see speeds near 100 Mbps. Upload and download speeds are the same.

Do you provide a router with your service?

You will need to provide your own router. Based on our experience and testing by the Wirecutter, we recommend the Netgear R7000 or TP-Link Archer A7.  They are available online or at a nearby electronic store.

Does my building get these speeds?

netBlazr Concierge service is typically available in apartment and condo buildings with 50 units or more. Our Standard plan ($39.95/mo) is available to all residential buildings in our network.

Is this a promotional price?  What’s the long term price?

No, our standard price is our standard price - no hidden gotchas here.

I currently have a cable bundle. What other services do I get with my netBlazr connection?

We are an internet-only provider. If you are looking for other services (streaming video content, phone service, email servers), there are a ton of options out there with new options becoming available every month. We recommend checking out the Cable Cutting tag of our blog for our recommendations regarding streaming services and devices as an alternative to cable TV.