Shared vs Dedicated Internet Access

If you’ve ever perused the business pricing pages on our website, you’ll know that we offer two different types of internet service: shared internet access and dedicated internet. Both types offer exceptional value and come with all of netBlazr’s key features including no contract, fast deployment, and local customer support. That said, there are significant differences between the two ways of providing business internet.

Business Internet

Shared Internet Access

Shared circuits are the more common type of internet access across the country. The goal of an ISP is to provide enough bandwidth to a user for everything they’re doing, but not to constantly provide advertised speed with no interruptions. If you’ve ever worked in a small plaza of offices that had only one internet provider available, it’s likely that you shared your connection with your neighbors.

Speeds may fluctuate on a shared internet access plan, meaning you won’t always see the full speed when running a hardwired speed test, especially at peak times (Which tends to be in the mid afternoon for businesses). However, netBlazr’s shared internet plans will keep your bandwidth within 25% of your advertised speed.

Which businesses might benefit from Shared Internet Access?

Shared Internet Access is best for users who:

  • Have typical bandwidth needs

We know that your business is special, no matter the size. That said, if you’ve got a single location and a small number of employees using the internet, shared access may be ample for your needs. If you’re mostly performing common functions such as emailing back and forth, browsing the web and processing credit card payments, shared access will serve you well, and your employees and customers may not even notice any minor slowdowns at peak times.

  • Need a reliable backup connection

Don’t get us wrong, our shared internet access plans offer great, stable connectivity for small to medium sized businesses. If you’re a larger business already using a dedicated access plan however, you need a backup connection, in order to ensure your productivity doesn’t crash if your primary connection does. With shared access plans starting at just $89.95, netBlazr offers great value for peace of mind.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated access provides private internet connections with guaranteed bandwidth at all times. This means that regardless of traffic on our network, you will always experience your subscribed speeds. In addition, Dedicated Internet connections are covered by our “Short-Pay” SLA, meaning you as the customer are the arbiter of your own bill.  

Why might your business need Dedicated Internet Access?

Dedicated Internet is best for businesses who:

  • Have high bandwidth needs

Any business that requires constant uptime in order to run a cloud storage system would be a good candidate as constant bandwidth can keep multiple devices running in the background while not disrupting overall experience on the net.

  • Have critical applications that cannot lose internet access

Businesses that are running large amounts of POS systems would also be a good option, as losing internet even briefly can cause these systems to require a manual reboot, thus cutting into the time you could be making sales. Indeed, any business that has to make large financial transactions would truly be more secure using a dedicated circuit, in order to ensure no transactions are compromised by a sudden lack of necessary bandwidth

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