Streaming Music Demands More Bandwidth

With the market for physical CDs on the decline, there has been a drastic jump in the sales of digital music. Researchers are predicting that in 2012, 3.4 of the 6.4 billion music customers will purchase digital music copies.  This means that the amount of bandwidth being used to download and stream music/videos is skyrocketing.  Media services, such as Spotify and MOG, allow customers to receive unlimited access to virtual music for a low monthly fee.  Once downloaded, the music can be transferred onto mobile devices.  This increase is anticipated to eventually eliminate the market for physical CDs, which means any music obtained will have to be done with the use of the Internet.  With increase of digital music, this once again proves the shift in the needs and desires of the consumer.  Americans are constantly on the go and expect to have an internet provider that can keep up. Consumers need an internet service that provides plenty of bandwidth, which will enable them to stream music and videos at lightning speeds.