Streaming the 2014 NFL Playoffs

It’s playoff season in the NFL and for Bostonians like ourselves, one question is at the forefront of our minds: where can we watch the Patriots? See, for most people, this isn’t a problem; they are overpaying for a Verizon or Comcast bundle that includes cable; but for those of you who have cut the cord (i.e. many of our customers), this can be a difficult time of the year. Yes, you can watch your team at your local bar or at a friend’s, but there aren’t many options if you want to watch the game from the comfort of your own home.  But thanks to CBS and NBC, watching the Patriots and any of your favorite NFL teams dominate this year’s playoffs just became easier.

NBC will be offering both of its wildcard match ups and CBS will be streaming all four of its playoff games for anyone to watch.  So what does this mean for you? Half of this year’s playoff games, including all AFC match ups, will be available for you to stream online. This weekend, you can watch the Chiefs and the Colts battle it out (Sat, 4:35 pm), the Saints brawl with the Eagles (Sat, 8:10), and the Bengals take on the Chargers (Sun, 1:05 PM) from your couch.

Okay, half is pretty good, but what about the rest of the games? The other games will be broadcast by Fox, which will only be available online for Comcast subscribers. While it’s no surprise that Fox is still holding out, we can at least be thankful they will be streaming the Super Bowl for free on Feb. 2. However, with CBS now joining the fold, it’s only a matter of time until you won’t have to venture out into the cold to watch your favorite teams during playoff season.

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