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Brough Turner on The Digital Life Podcast’s Net Neutrality Episode

This week, our CTO and co-founder Brough Turner was on The Digital Life podcast to discuss the digital divide, net neutrality, and the importance of fast and affordable Internet. Brough has been passionate about those topics for a long time and it led to the creation of netBlazr – here’s a sneak peek into the…

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The FCC Voted to End Net Neutrality, But the Fight’s Not Over Yet

On December 14, 2017, the FCC voted 3-2 to end net neutrality and dismantle critical regulations that protect equal access to the internet. (Note: FCC commissioners Clyburn and Rosenworcel voted to keep net neutrality.) netBlazr has always been a vocal advocate for net neutrality and we are committed to this position, now, more than ever.…

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Judge rules in favor of consumers in Boston

I was please to read last month that a Boston judge refused to shut down TV streaming service Aereo, saying the service is like a remote DVR, not a public transmission.  Furthermore the judge felt any real harm to broadcasters would take years to manifest.  This is a great win for consumers and for people…

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Lower Roxbury and Dudley Square get Better Broadband

netBlazr continued its expansion into Roxbury by adding a repeater in the Madison Park area.  Affordable broadband is now available to businesses and residents of the Lower Roxbury and Dudley Square neighborhoods.  This is an historically under-served community, so people are thrilled to have the netBlazr option available. netBlazr is providing free backhaul service to the Madison…

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netBlazr Now Offers The South End Residential Broadband

netBlazr, a local Internet Service Provider headquartered in Boston is calling for an end to unwanted bundled packages.  In an effort to introduce much needed competition into the market, netBlazr is pleased to announce a “nothing but net” initiative, offering reliable broadband at a low cost that remains the same price every month.  The home…

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A Quick Marketing Observation

Last week we spent some time putting together the beginnings of an online ad campaign. It’s a work in progress, but we’re excited to see how it works for us. (Shout out if you have seen our ads!) As part of our strategy in crafting our ads, we decided to do some research on what…

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