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Battery Backup Installed for Hancock Tower Head End

Within the past three months, the Back Bay and South End areas have seen multiple power outages, that have cost companies thousands of dollars.  Without power, most companies are left paralyzed because of how heavily they rely on computers and internet connection.  A majority of companies that were directly affected by the power outages reported they had no internet connection…

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Press Release: Boston’s Power Outage

Lessons Learned from Back Bay/South End Power Outage By last Friday, power was back throughout Boston’s Back Bay and South End.  Businesses were hard at work trying to make up for lost productivity.  The outage highlighted how dependent business and organizations are on quality Internet connectivity.  The cost of an outage is high. The cost…

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Common Causes for Internet Outages

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons you may find yourself sitting behind a computer screen, unable to load a webpage or send an email… Failed link to internet provider: A failed link can be from a storm that causes power outages or construction/ animals that disrupt wiring.  With so many…

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