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Misleading Ads Catching up to ISPs

Broadband companies often use celebrity endorsement as a way to advertise their internet speeds and reliability.  The problem is, the ads often give the consumer false information that can be misleading.  An example of this is Virgin Media using Olympic star Usain Bolt to promote the high speed broadband and the “bye bye buffering” claim. …

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netBlazr Now Offers The South End Residential Broadband

netBlazr, a local Internet Service Provider headquartered in Boston is calling for an end to unwanted bundled packages.  In an effort to introduce much needed competition into the market, netBlazr is pleased to announce a “nothing but net” initiative, offering reliable broadband at a low cost that remains the same price every month.  The home…

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Slower Internet = Lost Productivity + Money

I was reading an article on concerning the lack of 4G services in Great Britain. Among the many laments in the article was the following: “According to policy organisation Open Digital, the lack of 4G is costing UK businesses £732 million per year in lost productivity… It’s not surprising that the networks are putting their own…

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