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Net Neutrality

Net neutrality has been in the news a lot the past few years and is an important and heated debate, but do you really know what it means? To start, the term came from a Columbia University professor named Tim Wu. The Federal Communications Commission is at the heart of the debate and I think…

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Slower Internet = Lost Productivity + Money

I was reading an article on concerning the lack of 4G services in Great Britain. Among the many laments in the article was the following: “According to policy organisation Open Digital, the lack of 4G is costing UK businesses £732 million per year in lost productivity… It’s not surprising that the networks are putting their own…

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Building a Cooperative Broadband Network

Our mission at netBlazr is to help businesses build a cooperative broadband network, in which co-op members receive FREE (or ultra low cost) internet service.  We are Skype for Broadband. So how do we build a “broadband cooperative”?  Viral online communities and cooperative buying (a la Groupon) are widespread in the B2C world, but businesses…

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