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Avoid Getting Caught Up in the Numbers Game

People love numbers and they especially love hearing about the fastest speeds, but what do the numbers really mean? At what point do these super high speeds that marketers are pushing start getting negligible? From FCC research we know that web browsing benefits from increased speed, but tapers off around 6Mbps (graph below). In their…

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Copyright Alert System – sounds pretty sinister!

The system was created by the Center for Copyright Information, which was formed in September 2011 by the Motion Picture Association of American and MPAA members, Recording Industry Association of America and RIAA members, AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon Communications.  Well now that’s an innovative bunch who are always looking out for…

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netBlazr’s Office Moves to Watertown, MA

After spending two years at One Marina Park Drive in the Seaport District of Boston, netBlazr is moving its office space to Watertown, MA.  The office at Marina Park Drive was originally awarded to netBlazr as a result of being finalists in the MassChallenge competition that takes place each year.  Since netBlazr was a finalist…

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The Mobile Broadband Problem

WiMAX provider Towerstream, has decided to take on Manhattan’s Wi-Fi hotzone giants AT&T and Verizon.  Towerstream has constructed multiple access points for their service but they have failed to sign an off load deal with an operator.  Towerstream now has to decide which companies to link with in order to tackle the major players in…

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What Causes Slow Internet?

Ever have a million projects that need to be completed right now, but your internet seems to be taking minutes to load, even a single webpage? This is sadly way more common than it should be and is likely caused by one of the following: Insufficient Bandwidth: Happens when way too many people are trying…

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