The Importance of Internet Reliability



We’re all thinking about internet reliability, especially now with the internet as our sole connection to work as we are confined to our homes. With thousands of businesses connecting to their customers virtually, reliable internet connection is a matter of survival.

It’s a good thing that reliability is the basis of everything we do here. For starters, our network uses a mesh architecture. What does that mean? A good way to understand is that our network resembles a spider web. If you take a look at the picture to the right, you can see the lines of our point to point microwave radios across the city, resembling such a web. Our network is designed this way so that if there are ever any problems, we’re able to automatically reroute traffic to ensure seamless and reliable connectivity. Our web is made to have your back in any case of connection failure and our point to point network is ensured to deliver gigabit speeds to buildings no matter what. 

You may be wondering, how can a microwave radio be so reliable? It is easy to compare microwave radios to satellite dishes but in fact they are completely different things. Satellite dishes are antennas that send or receive signals of communication to more satellites orbiting the Earth. In a lot of cases with people’s experiences of satellite dishes, it is a sometimes very unreliable source as weather can heavily affect it. However, at netBlazr by using microwave radios at short distances, we can ensure that service stays connected during the biggest storms. 

We are always working to make sure your building has reliable speeds. We constantly monitor bandwidth to ensure there is ample “overhead capacity” (the bandwidth available above typical traffic levels) to handle the moments when you need to fully utilize the full speeds of your plan! As traffic grows, we are able to proactively upgrade our network before there is any slow down in your performance.  

Our network here at netBlazr is designed to be the most reliable on the market. It is seamless enough where you won’t even notice a difference. 

Are you ready for the most reliable internet service around? 

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