The Mobile Broadband Problem

WiMAX provider Towerstream, has decided to take on Manhattan’s Wi-Fi hotzone giants AT&T and Verizon.  Towerstream has constructed multiple access points for their service but they have failed to sign an off load deal with an operator.  Towerstream now has to decide which companies to link with in order to tackle the major players in the Wi-Fi marketplace.  They have in fact made strides with the smartphone industry, which is a market that will require over 1500 access points in the near future.

With Wi-Fi offloading becoming so popular, the need for phone companies to connect with internet providers is crucial.  Towerstream has created hotzones all around Manhattan as a way to provide smartphone users with an additional broadband connection.  This Wi-Fi offloading technology would allow for the creation of thousands of hotzones in every city across America.  With over 50% of Americans accessing internet from their mobile phones, the need for internet data is high, which means the number of access points has to meet this demand.



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  1. Is it a hardware/network issue, or is it software and process. Towerstream should take the network it has built and virtualize it through the thousands of existing wifi spots and the policy changes being implemented by the vendors. Then go direct to consumers and charge a small fee and provide them with software to help lower their carrier cellphone bills in the process. That’s how to use the smartphone: OTT + wifi-offload + pricing/usage analysis = better customer value.

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